VIDEO: Remembering When George Kittle Dropped This Wide-Open Pass

Zach Brunner
Remembering when George Kittle dropped this wide open pass.
Remembering when George Kittle dropped this wide open pass. /

George Kittle is widely regarded as one of the top tight ends in the NFL, due to his abilities as a blocker and receiver. He is also one of the biggest personalities in the league and is one of the rare situations where a receiver's notoriety overshadows his quarterback.

He really broke out in 2018, totaling 1,377 yards. However, his breakout season did not start as smoothly as he would have liked, with him dropping a wide-open pass against the Minnesota Vikings in Week 1.

Kittle got behind his defender and was wide open to make an easy catch, off of a perfect pass. Whether he was looking at the safety or something else, it seemed like he lost concentration for a brief moment, causing this embarrassing play.

Obviously, the rest of his season went well, so he's probably not worrying about this too much, especially since he went on to have a solid game. Despite losing the game, Kittle caught five passes for 90 yards. Of course, this catch would have put him over the 100-yard mark, which is always important when measuring receivers.

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