VIDEO: Remembering Dwayne Bowe's All-Time Great Touchdown Catch Against the Colts

Dwayne Bowe somehow completed this circus catch.
Dwayne Bowe somehow completed this circus catch. / YouTube/MrIcefroggyfrog

Dwayne Bowe's NFL success was relatively short-lived, but aside from some terrific inspired fantasy football team names, Bowe also has had some surprisingly impressive highlights. None may be more memorable than the circus catch he was able to pull off against the Indianapolis Colts in 2011.

The big 6-foot-2-inch, 221-pound receiver needed to use every ounce of muscle and every inch of reach in that frame to pull this miraculous play off.

Dwayne Bowe Circus Catch Against Colts Video

Down by 10 points at the end of the third quarter, Bowe was targeted on a fade pass from Matt Cassel in the end zone as Bowe fought back through the defender, drawing a penalty.

While this would already be a successful play, the wide receiver got one of his big mitts on the ball, and then the juggling act ensued. Bowe was able to keep the ball in the air long enough to get his body underneath it, completing the touchdown catch, which was his second of the day.

This play proved to be a pivotal one too, with the Chiefs keeping their foot on the gas. Kansas City scored again in the fourth quarter, ultimately defeating the Colts, 28-24. While Cassel's 257 yards, four touchdowns and 138.9 passer rating may have made him the MVP of that game, Bowe's seven catches for 128 yards and two touchdowns were an incredible help. And, obviously, one of Cassel's touchdown passes was almost entirely thanks to the effort of Bowe.

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