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VIDEO: The Epic Albert Pujols Tributes Keep Coming

Tyler Maher
There have been a lot of great Albert Pujols tribute videos lately.
There have been a lot of great Albert Pujols tribute videos lately. / ASSOCIATED PRESS

It's officially Albert Pujols tribute season.

Ever since the legendary slugger reached 700 career home runs on Friday (becoming just the fourth player in MLB history to do so), there's been a wave of goosebumps-inducing montages celebrating the future first-ballot Hall-of-Famer.

You can add the recent ones from MLB Vault and MLB Network to the list, as both are must-watch.

Albert Pujols Tribute Videos

MLB Vault's video is an amazing compilation of images from every single one of Pujols' 700 career homers spliced together into seven swings -- one for every 100 long balls -- followed by a brief reaction shot from Pujols. It allows you to essentially watch all 700 home runs in 60 seconds without sitting through hours of highlights. It's visually creative, dazzling and effective.

MLB Network's video is a more straightforward highlight reel detailing Pujols' entire career and journey to the milestone. It's considerably longer at 5 minutes and 40 seconds, but it's well worth the time, especially for the clips of young Pujols when he was first breaking in. If you're looking to get a better sense of the three-time MVP's 22-year career, this video functions as sort of a mini-documentary. It's also loaded with footage that you may not have seen before.

These two videos are perfect complements to each other. One is short and sweet, while the other gives more of a big-picture view. They're both terrific in their own right, so make sure to watch them before the next Pujols tribute video inevitably drops.

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