VIDEO: Clayton Kershaw's Son Charley Bat Flips on Dad

By Brian Giuffra
clayton kershaw's son
clayton kershaw's son /

Clayton Kershaw isn't used to getting shown up on the mound, but for his son, he appears to make an exception.

The Dodgers ace was spotted throwing BP to his son Charley. Young Kershaw appears to be a new-school type of player, throwing his bat with no regard after taking his dad deep -- and by deep I mean a dribbler right back at him.

Traditionalists might say this is bad sportsmanship, but for a kid this young to make contact off Kershaw? Yeah, that deserves some celebrating. Also, notice how Charley is a righty. That's a great matchup for him against his lefty father, who clearly has lost some velocity on his underhanded throws.

Only issue I have with this bat flip? He almost took out that random guy on the right. Clayton's gonna have to teach Charley to be a bit more careful moving forward.