Steve Nelson Full of Praise for the Steelers While Taking a Shot at His Former Team

Zach Brunner
Steve Nelson praised the Steelers, while calling out his former team.
Steve Nelson praised the Steelers, while calling out his former team. / Joe Sargent/Getty Images

There is no question that we are living in a contentious time, with various social issues permeating their way into the sports world. This could be the underlying context for a recent tweet from former Kansas City Chiefs and current Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Steve Nelson.

Nelson had high praise for the Pittsburgh Steelers, his current team, talking up the bond between the owner, coach, players and staff. Recent social issues have elicited an emotional response around our country, and comments from New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees brought up old arguments surrounding the national anthem. The divides have become greater between many, but Nelson would like to make it known that this is not true within the Steelers organization.

Of course, Nelson did so while also saying other organizations that he has been a part of have not held this level of bond. Nelson has spent five seasons in the NFL, with last season being his first year in Pittsburgh. He began his career by playing four seasons for the Chiefs.

In a not-so-sneaky tweet, Nelson took a shot at the Chiefs organization, his former team. Whether it be criticizing the front office of Kansas City or coach Andy Reid versus Mike Tomlin, we don't know who the direct shot was aimed at.

While this was just a passive aggressive tweet, we could be entering a time where many of our athletes are very willing to call people out and make private happenings public. Hopefully this leads to the collective whole moving forward, but the jury is still out on that point.

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