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VIDEO: Remembering When Marion Barber Had the Most Insanely Impressive Two-Yard Run in NFL History

Zach Brunner
Remembering when Marion Barber had the most impressive two-yard run.
Remembering when Marion Barber had the most impressive two-yard run. /

This past NFL season featured many impressive runs, including Derrick Henry running over defenders or Lamar Jackson setting records with his legs. However, the rushing highlights from the 2019 season pale in comparison to arguably to most impressive two-yard rush in NFL history, coming from Marion Barber.

Starting the drive with first and long from their 10-yard line, the Dallas Cowboys had the backs up against the wall. The New England Patriots' defensive line blew up the left side of the Dallas offensive line, pushing back Barber.

Refusing to go down, Barber continued to get pushed backwards and shed tackles, but he soon found himself in the back of the end zone. However, that's when the magic happened.

Continuing to break tackles, Barber fought his way to the corner and got the ball out of the end zone, but he did not stop there. He got north and south with a quick burst, somehow picking up positive yardage.

In the box score, this was a less-than-impressive two-yard run. This is a classic example of how stats cannot tell the full story, because this is one of the most impressive runs ever.

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