Reds Executive Enrages Fan Base With Ridiculous Comments

Tyler Maher
Cincinnati Reds fans won't be happy with the latest comments from team ownership.
Cincinnati Reds fans won't be happy with the latest comments from team ownership. / ASSOCIATED PRESS

Cincinnati Reds fans haven't had much to cheer for lately. The team is coming off its first 100-loss season since 1982 and has been mired in mediocrity for roughly a decade with no end in sight.

Many people are at fault when an organization struggles for so long, but it's becoming increasingly clear that team ownership is largely to blame after their latest head-scratching comments.

Cincinnati Reds Controversy

Reds president Phil Castellini enraged Cincinnati fans with his absurd remarks during his presentation at a team supporters club luncheon on Saturday. Castellini claimed that the Reds operate like a nonprofit, called baseball "an industry in crisis" and blamed the league for encouraging teams to tank rather than contend.

As any smart baseball fan knows, however, that's pure hogwash. Baseball teams are insanely profitable thanks to their numerous revenue streams, making them a terrific investment for their owners. Furthermore, the sport is financially healthy and has helped more clubs compete by expanding the playoff field to 12 teams.

Instead, Castellini appears to be making excuses for why the team is bad and why ownership has slashed payroll in recent seasons. Between the lack of accountability and obvious unwillingness to spend, it's clear that the Reds need new leadership if they wish to field a competitive ballclub anytime soon.

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