3 Star Quarterbacks Next in Line for a Contract Extension After Derek Carr

These QBs could be next in line for contract extensions after Derek Carr's new deal.
These QBs could be next in line for contract extensions after Derek Carr's new deal. / Joseph Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

It's no secret that NFL quarterbacks get paid big money, but the latest Derek Carr contract extension shows that the QB market just keeps expanding.

With Carr cashing in so heavily, other star quarterbacks must be licking their chops at the prospect of their next payday.

Here are three quarterbacks set to cash in next after Carr.

1. Russell Wilson, Denver Broncos

You better believe the Denver Broncos didn't trade for Russell Wilson without expecting to have him around for a long time. His current deal is up at the end of the 2023 season, and fans certainly want him in Denver for longer than that. Russ' average salary of $35 million per season simply isn't going to cut it in a market that just saw Derek Carr get a shade over $40 million per year, so look for his extension to come with a huge pay increase.

2. Joe Burrow

For as much as Cincinnati Bengals fans might want it, Joe Burrow isn't going to be playing on his rookie deal for much longer. Burrow's 2022 cap hit of $9.9 million ranks just No. 21 in the league, trailing even Nick Foles. Already one of the premier quarterbacks in the NFL and with plenty of room to grow, we can expect Cincy to back up the Brinks truck and give Burrow one of the biggest deals in the NFL with his contract extension.

3. Kyler Murray

Another player still on his rookie deal, Kyler Murray doesn't seem too happy with how negotiations are going with the Arizona Cardinals. Ultimately it's hard to imagine things fall apart, however. The Cards simply can't let a young QB of Murray's caliber walk away. Like Burrow, Kyler's deal will likely be both a long one and include some serious money — especially now that his agent can point to Carr's massive new deal and how it establishes the QB market.

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