Eagles Making Big Mistake With Top Head Coaching Candidate

The Philadelphia Eagles appear to be making a big mistake with their top head coaching candidate.
The Philadelphia Eagles appear to be making a big mistake with their top head coaching candidate. / Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles are one of two NFL teams currently looking for their next head coach. After being connected to a few familiar names, one candidate has seemingly emerged as Philadelphia's primary target: New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels.

However, hiring McDaniels would be a mistake for Philly.

Josh McDaniels Eagles

With the Eagles doing extra background work on McDaniels, that points to their apparent heightened interest. However, McDaniels' NFL journey has been filled with controversy and reports of him burning bridges with employers.

His stint as Denver Broncos head coach was memorable only for the issues that popped up under McDaniels' tenure, like his fractured relationship with Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall that led to eventual trades, plus a videotaping scandal in 2010 that ultimately resulted in him being fired.

Then there was McDaniels' bizarre backtrack in 2018, when he pulled out of a deal to become the Indianapolis Colts' next head coach after the hiring was announced.

McDaniels' only real success has come under Bill Belichick's staff with the New England Patriots. The offensive coordinator has helped engineer historic offenses, but he's failed to replicate that anywhere else.

The Eagles need someone who can set the tone for a new era and get the team back to contention. Philadelphia's next head coach must be willing to navigate a tricky quarterback situation and not second-guess the team's starter on a week-to-week basis like Doug Pederson. McDaniels isn't the guy to accomplish any of those goals for the Eagles.

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