Jedrick Wills Trails Mekhi Becton and Tristan Wirfs in Odds to Be First Offensive Lineman Drafted

NFL Draft odds have Jedrick Wills trailing Mekhi Becton and Tristan Wirfs.
NFL Draft odds have Jedrick Wills trailing Mekhi Becton and Tristan Wirfs. / Michael Hickey/Getty Images

With the recent reduction in preparation time at the beginning of the NFL season, and another possible reduction due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the luxury of having a strong and familiar offensive line will be incredibly apparent in 2020. This is why there has been such a high priority placed on the big guys up front.

The 2020 NFL Draft has a surplus of high-end offensive line talent. Currently, Jedrick Wills Jr. has lower odds to be the first lineman off the board (+260) than both Mekhi Becton (+160) and Tristan Wirfs (+160).

Wills is one of the many players coming out of the Alabama program that is expected to go in the first round. While he only has the third-best odds to be the top lineman off the board, he still has all the makings of an early first-round draft pick. Willis in an athletic tackle that possesses quickness in his setup and the athleticism to finish blocks in the open field. His being third in the odds says more about the talent up for grabs this year than it does about his talents.

In the nicest way possible, Becton is an absolute freak. Standing at 6-7, 364 pounds, the former Louisville Cardinal blew everyone away at the NFL Combine, when he ran a 5.11 in the 40-yard dash. He is a freight train when he gets going, and he will force many defenders to make business decisions when they seem him coming.

Wirfs comes out of Iowa and may be the most overall gifted lineman in the draft. He has quick, strong hands, arguably possesses the best overall athleticism in the open field, and he has been compared to Eagles' right tackle Lane Johnson numerous times. While he did not run a 5.1 40 time, his numbers were solid all around.

These three can easily be shuffled in the draft order depending on the smallest things that teams are keen on. However, all three should be strong starting linemen in the NFL.

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