Madden 21 Botches Key Piece of Chargers Uniforms

Madden 21 botches the Los Angeles Chargers uniform.
Madden 21 botches the Los Angeles Chargers uniform. / DJ33/Reddit

EA Sports' flagship series "Madden NFL" is no stranger to criticism. Every year there are long debates about which players are over or underrated. Then, the gameplay always sees its fair sure of heat, with many getting frustrated over glitches or the lack of progress from year to year.

"Madden NFL 21" continues to have critics for these reasons, but there is something new for players of this game to be frustrated about. The Los Angeles Chargers were one of many teams to see updates to their uniforms this offseason. While Madden certainly updated them, it looks like it was rushed, to say the least.

While some Chargers fans will say the color of the jerseys in the game are not as vibrant, that is not the biggest issue we see here. Instead, it's the bolt logo, which is something you would think the game would want to get right, since it's the Chargers' identity.

The logo on Austin Ekeler's jersey above looks nothing like the real logos do. It looks more like it was thrown together at the last minute.

Hopefully EA hear's the frustration of fans and quickly makes the update to the new look Chargers jerseys. If not, it wouldn't be the first time the game franchise glossed over these details.

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