Free Spins Explained

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The most popular slot bonus is the free spins bonus, and you will hardly come across an online casino site that does not provide such an offer. If you plan to make a few bucks spinning the reels, you need to know what exactly free spins are, how they work, and the kinds available.

What Are Free Spins?

Free spins are the casino equivalent of free bets at a sportsbook. They allow you to bet without actually putting down a stake. You get to spin the reels as many times as the free spins bonus allows, and you receive whatever winnings accrue from them.

On a broad spectrum, two kinds of free spins come to mind when you hear the term – casino free spins or game free spins.

Casino free spins are a promotional move by the casino operator to attract customers to the site. On the other hand, game free spins are elements which are designed by the slot developer to make the game more delightful and entertaining. Both kinds of free spins have one thing in common, though – they take your winning potential much higher.

Casino Free Spins

Casinos have lots of tricks up their sleeves for attracting players to the site, and one of the most effective is the free spins welcome bonus offer. Naturally, for such an important aspect of the casino, there is more than one variant. Let's take a look at them.

Deposit Free Spins

For deposit free spins, you will have to make an initial deposit to be eligible to claim the offer. These have long been the most common kind of free spins bonus at most casinos.

No Deposit Free Spins

No deposit free spins don’t require you to make an initial deposit. These credits are added to your account immediately after you sign up. That is why they are considered the only truly free bonus. No deposit free spins are slowly catching up to their deposit counterparts in terms of popularity.

Players are always looking for a good no deposit free spins bonus, and more casinos include them in their offerings daily. Because these bonuses require no financial commitment on the customer's part, the casino bears all the burden. Consequently, no deposit free spins are usually fewer in number than deposit free spins.

Existing Customer Free Spins

Free Spins are used to lure players to the casino, but they are also useful in keeping players loyal to the site. Nowadays, many casinos feature loyalty programs where existing players who take part get to win amazing prizes, which include free spins, of course. In a loyalty program, you earn points the more you play, and these points can be redeemed later for free spins on your favorite slots. With every new level attained, you will also get bonus spins credited to your account for free.

Some casinos offer existing customers free spins through a referral bonus. Players who invite their friends and acquaintances to the casino using their personal referral code can claim referral free spins.

Free Spins Bonus vs. The Deposit Match Bonus

Deposit free spins often work the same way as the match deposit bonus. They regularly go together as a welcome package, but there are a few differences between the two.

For instance, a $100 match deposit bonus + 50 free spins.

The match deposit bonus depends on the specific amount that you deposit. A $50 deposit means you get $50 extra, and an $80 deposit means you get $80 extra. Whereas for the free spins, you get the full bets irrespective of how much you pay into the casino.

The match bonus can apply to all games, but the free spins bonus is for you to strut your stuff only on the reels of your favorite one-armed bandits.

Wagering Requirements on Free Spins Bonuses

Like all bonuses, free spins are not free of wagering requirements. This has become a casino standard because it protects the operators from fraudulent players who only sign up to collect the bonus and disappear. However, some casino owners have begun taking advantage of players by setting ridiculously high requirements, and players are advised to beware of such sites.

Unless you play at a no wagering casino, there is no way to run away from this bonus requirement. Whatever winnings you make using the casino free spins will be subject to a rollover amount before you can withdraw.

Consider a 35x wagering requirement on a free spins bonus. Then, assume you won $200 using those free spins. You have to roll over the amount to a total of (200 x 20) = $4000.

Luckily, free spins wagering requirements tend to be smaller than those of match deposit offers, which is another factor in favor of this kind of bonus. You can find the wagering requirements displayed on the promotions page with the free spins offer, or under the terms and conditions.

In-Game Free Spins

The widespread fame of slots amongst casino players could be attributed to the presence of free spins. The best titles on the market come with the most competitive free spins embedded as a game feature. You don't have to pay for these bonus spins. As long as you have placed your stake and begun spinning the reels, they can be triggered randomly.

How to Trigger In-Game Free Spins

Depending on how the game is designed, players can trigger free spins when they get a certain number of identical symbols on the reels. It could either be a free spins symbol or a scatter symbol that activates it, and the number of free spins will increase the more symbols you get.

Some developers design random mini-games within the main game. The free spins activate after completing the mini-game.

Free Spins with Multipliers

A major benefit of in-game free spins is that they often come with multipliers. A multiplier is just as the name suggests - it multiplies your winnings by the said value. The most feature-packed slots can offer free spins with multipliers of 10 or 20 times your winnings and higher.

Free Spins with Respins

It is possible to trigger free spins within a free spin currently in play.

Imagine you are playing a slot where landing three or more of a particular symbol on the reels will award you with 5 or more free spins. If you were to land the same symbols again during any of those 5 bonus spins, it would reset your free spins count. In slot terminology, they are usually called respins.

Tips On How to Optimize Free Spins

Whether casino free spins or game free spins, getting the chance to make bets without staking your money is always an appealing concept. To maximize your benefit from free spins, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Never forget to read the casino terms and conditions for wagering requirements, time limits, cash-out limits, and other eligibility criteria. With wagering requirements, the lower, the better.

  • Read up on slot reviews before you play, or try out the game for free. Go through the paytable to know what rewards to expect, and go for slots with free spins and multipliers for the highest possible returns.

Claim Your Free Spins Bonus Now!

Casinos offer free spins as much as 20, 50, or even 200. Free spins are also an opportunity to try out different slots that you most likely wouldn't with your own cash. The no deposit bonus will allow you to start playing immediately after signing up, and loyalty free spins are constantly available for existing customers.

On a lucky day, you might end up on a roll, triggering consecutive free spins and respins within your favorite slots. With a couple of multipliers in the mix and reasonable wagering requirements, your pockets could be overflowing sooner than you know.

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