Eddie Jackson Claims He Will Be Making an Appearance in the Bears Offense

Zach Brunner
Eddie Jackson claims he will be making an appearance on the Bears offense.
Eddie Jackson claims he will be making an appearance on the Bears offense. / Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

The defense of the Chicago Bears has been carrying the team for years, with their offense, most notably the quarterback position, always seemingly being a question mark. Even the most average of offenses could be enough to make the Bears a dangerous team, as shown by their Super Bowl run with Rex Grossman.

However, the offensive woes the past couples seasons have gotten so severe that we could be seeing some defensive players making an appearance on offense, as hinted by safety Eddie Jackson.

Jackson has reportedly discussed being used on offense with head coach Matt Nagy. He even says it's "definitely coming."

Does this say more about the Bears offense or about Jackson's abilities? The answer is unclear, but while this is rare, it's not the only time we have seen defensive players take snaps on offense.

Deion Sanders, a Hall of Fame cornerback, totaled 784 receiving yards in his career. Most recently, we have seen J.J. Watt play a little tight end, which resulted in three touchdowns in as many receptions.

Of course, who could forget one of the most notable Bears of all-time William "The Refrigerator" Perry, who was a defensive tackle that played some snaps on offense. He even ran a touchdown in during Super Bowl XX.

So, while this could simply be Jackson's attempt at pressuring Nagy to play him on offense, it also could be true. Don't be surprised to see No. 39 on the offensive side of the ball this season.

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