Draft Don'ts for the 2019 Fantasy Football Season

By Stephen Knox
AFC Championship - New England Patriots v Kansas City Chiefs
AFC Championship - New England Patriots v Kansas City Chiefs / Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Sometime in August or early September, many football fans will have their most sacred holiday, their 2019 fantasy football drafts. While it's a great day, it can also be the day that ruins the entire NFL season, if you draft poorly.

With that in mind, here are five fantasy draft don'ts to keep in mind when you're on the clock.

1. Don't Forget to Handcuff

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

If there is one thing that has a real chance at ruining your fantasy football season, it's injuries. Football is a violent sport, so always be prepared. If you draft a running back in the first round, be sure to select their backup later in the draft. That way, if your top pick gets hurt, you can plug their backup into your lineup in the following week. While the backup likely won't be quite as productive, handcuffing is a good way to potentially mitigate your losses.

2. Don't Panic Just Because a Run Starts

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

At some point during your fantasy football draft, players at a single position are going to fly off the draft board. When this happens, don't reach for the next best player at that position – instead, draft the best player on the board, or the player that fits your team the most. You're far better off sticking to the plan instead of panicking and overdrafting a lower-tier player.

3. Don't Take a Kicker or Defense Before the Last Two Rounds

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

It's tempting to take Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker or the Chicago Bears defense, but the points generated by kickers and defenses are typically easy to find elsewhere – even if it requires using the waiver wire every week. While your league mates are reaching for a kicker or defense, you can use those picks to take fliers on high-upside guys like Dede Westbrook and Donte Moncrief.

4. Don't Auto Draft

Richard Schultz/Getty Images

If you work late, be sure to ask your boss for the night off in advance when you have your 2019 fantasy football draft. Anything can happen during the draft so you need to be there to have control over your squad. Besides, half the fun is showing up and trash talking your league mates, and you just can't count on a computer to do that for you.

5. Don't Over Indulge

Billie Weiss/Getty Images

Drafts are fun, but not when you can't remember them. Fantasy draft night is usually a great night, and you might want to enhance that fun with some liquid courage. Feel free, but as always, be responsible. You don't want to wake up the next morning and realize you drafted Eli Manning over Patrick Mahomes.

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