Alex Cora Made Shocking Statement on Astros' Sign-Stealing Scandal in New Book

Tyler Maher
Alex Cora made a shocking statement in the new book on the Houston Astros' sign-stealing scandal.
Alex Cora made a shocking statement in the new book on the Houston Astros' sign-stealing scandal. / ASSOCIATED PRESS

The ugly details of the Houston Astros' 2017 sign-stealing scandal resurfaced this week with the impending release of Evan Drellich's new book, Winning Fixes Everything. Drellich was one of the original reporters who broke the story for The Athletic in 2019, and apparently he found enough dirt to write a whole book about it.

Many of those juicy details concern Alex Cora, the Astros' bench manager at the time and current manager of the Boston Red Sox. While Cora was initially identified as one of the ringleaders and masterminds of the scandal, the book reveals how his involvement ran even deeper than that.

Houston Astros Cheating Scandal

According to Drellich's book, Cora openly bragged about Houston's rule-flouting, which helped them win the 2017 World Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers. He would tell people that "We stole that (expletive) World Series."

Drellich also reports that Cora -- the only non-player involved in the scandal -- was nearly fired by the Astros that season. It was his only year as Houston's bench coach, as he promptly left after winning the World Series to become manager of the Red Sox -- where he immediately won another championship in 2018.

Cora was suspended for the 2020 season due to his role in Houston's sign-stealing scandal, although Boston re-hired him after his reinstatement. While Cora served his time, many baseball fans still have not forgiven him and the Astros for their actions in 2017. Dodgers fans and New York Yankees fans are especially bitter because their teams lost to Houston in the postseason and were robbed of a fair chance to win the title.

Based on Cora's quotes, at least, they have every right to be mad.

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