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Mike Moustakas has played third base his entire MLB career, including last season when the Brewers acquired him and his expiring deal mid-season. Last season the Brewers opted to move third baseman Travis Shaw to second, but shortly after announcing they were re-signing Moustakas this offseason, it came out that his position could be changing in 2019.

The announcement of Moustakas playing second base is important for fantasy baseball players because his value should skyrocket. His long-term future at second base is dependent on how he fairs during spring training and throughout the year, but Moustakas is now expected to qualify as both a second baseman and third baseman in most fantasy leagues, making him a significantly more valuable fantasy player. 

​​There has been a recent influx of talent at second base and the pool of viable fantasy choices is deeper than it has ever been before, but there is no comparison between the depth of offensive producers at second and third base. Second base has legitimate offensive stars like Jose Altuve and Javier Baez, but the group thins out fast compared to the talent at third base. 

The discrepancy is obvious when comparing Moustakas's 2018 offensive production to Miguel Andujar and Brian Dozier, the 8th ranked third baseman and second baseman heading into 2019, according to The Duel.

Brian Dozier: .215 batting average (BA), .391 slugging percentage (SLG), 21 homers (HR) and 72 runs batted in (RBI) and 30 doubles (2B), in 151 games.

Miguel Andujar: .297 BA, .527 SLG, 27 HR, 92 RBI and 47 2B, in 149 games.

Mike Moustakas: .251 BA, .459 SLG, 20 HR, 95 RBI and 33 2B, in 152 games.

The increase in Moustakas's fantasy value is two-fold. His fantasy numbers are more competitive compared to second basemen and fantasy owners will get the added value of being able to toggle him between second and third base as needed. There is some concern regarding the impact Milwaukee's crowded infield could have on Moustakas's playing time, but if he hits well, he will certainly earn consistent at-bats and be a dangerous fantasy player in 2019.

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