Photo credit: Andy Lyons/Getty Images

You'll never guess - TY Hilton is banged up and was expected to be a game-time decision with his shoulder injury.  As Ian Rapoport and Adam Schefter tweeted this morning, he is more than likely to play. 

The question is: how effective will he be and will he stay in the entire game?

These are the decisions that drive Fantasy owners crazy. My advice? Make sure Hilton is in your flex spot.

For today, I would bite the bullet and play him (assuming he's not ruled out at the last minute). It's a big game, Andrew Luck is playing extremely well, and not playing an active Hilton is less likely to hurt you than replacing him with a healthy, say, Danny Amendola. 

If Hilton scores 30 points you advance to the next round, if you play him. If he scores 30 on your bench, you can start your fantasy baseball prep tonight.