As if the Steelers didn't have enough off-field distractions with the ongoing Le'Veon Bell saga. Now they have Antonio Brown causing trouble again too. 

Brown was caught going over 100 MPH today in his black Porsche on McKnight Road outside of Pittsburgh. He was cited for reckless driving. 

The Steelers play the Panthers tonight in a critical Thursday Night Football clash. There is some question of will Brown play against the Panthers, but usually, the NFL doesn't hand down discipline on issues like this immediately. 

Brown is one of the best wide receivers in the NFL and a fantasy star. He's caught 51 passes for 594 yards and 9 TDs so far this season. 

Earlier this year, Brown was a distraction for the Steelers when he didn't attend practice on a Monday after a Sunday loss. He also was visibly enraged on the sideline during that Sunday loss. 

The Steelers are currently dealing with the distraction caused by Le'Veon Bell and his continued hold out. There was speculation he might return to the team this week, but thus far that is not the case. 

As for the players on the field, they have to hope Brown's driving issues are behind him and he's focused solely on beating the Panthers.