Cover Photo: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons were in control the entire game. They were up 7-0, 10-3, 20-6, and then 23-12 with just 1:55 left on the clock on Monday night against the New York Giants.

And then it happened. The dreaded back-door cover. 

The Giants went on a seven-play, 72-yard touchdown drive and scored with just five seconds left on the clock to put the score at 23-18.

Those bettors who took the Falcons at -4 were still good. No worries. The Giants can't win, they'll just kick the extra point ... but they didn't. The Giants went for two, and scored on a Saquon Barkley run up the middle.

Yep, that's right. Almost 75 percent of bets flipped on that play, that meaningless two-point conversation.

This is why I'm very, very happy that I took this game moneyline. A win is a win until you get bit by that back-door cover.

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