Cover Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys have struggled in the passing game this season, which has been a big reason why they're under .500. They added Amari Cooper into the mix and the past two games have shown improvement out of two of the team's wideouts, Cole Beasley and Michael Gallup. With Cooper in town, things do get a bit trickier as this passing attack may have too many mouths to feed. It's time to choose who's a better fantasy option, Gallup or Beasley. 

Michael Gallup- The rookie wideout has done the closest thing to nothing since he joined the Cowboys. With a big frame and solid athletic ability, he was supposed to be the prototypical wideout to replace Dez Bryant, or at least, they hoped. Not all hope is lost though as Gallup had a career high in catches, yards, and his first career touchdown against the Redskins. 

Cole Beasley- This isn't the first time you've seen Beasley as a relevant fantasy wideout and it won't be the last. He may have struggled at the beginning of the season, as everyone on the Cowboys did, but his last two games should be a sign moving forward that he's being reincorporated as a big piece in the offense. His 16 catches for 157 yards over that span should be exciting enough to have people pay attention, but it's also when he got a bunch of those catches that's important. With the game on the line, Dak Prescott was looking Beasley's way. He's the go-to receiver on this offense and is a target machine. 

​​Verdict- There is promise with Gallup. He might turn into something special one day and he's flashing his skills right now. Beasley may benefit from the addition of Cooper. He's fantastic in the slot and is the quick possession receiver this team needs to move the chains. It's an easier decision in PPR formats, but it really depends on what you're looking for in non-PPR formats. Gallup has big upside, while Beasley seems more consistent. 

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