Cover Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Aaron Rodgers is perceived as one of the best quarterbacks in the league, if not ever. He's won MVPs, a Super Bowl, and a ton of games where everyone counted him out. For a man that has a few Hail-Mary victories under that championship belt of his, it's hard to ever consider him an underdog. 

Of course, that was before he played in the best team in football, the LA Rams. 

Right now, the Packers are 8 1/2 point underdogs, the largest margin in Rodgers' career.

Are the Packers really that bad, or are the Rams that good?

Green Bay hasn't been bad by any standards, but they haven't necessarily impressed either. They shut out a terrible Bills team where Rodgers even said the offense was terrible. There other two wins were narrow victories against the Bears and the 49ers, both who are .500 or worse. 

If Rodgers were to pull this game out, it would be more than a statement win for Green Bay.

There still is a chance Rodgers pulls this off as he has before. In the previous four largest games where Rodgers was the underdog, he ended up covering three times. He also lost three of those games, but that's not what a gambler is concerned about. 

Right now, the Rams are averaging 33.6 points per game, a number that Green Bay has gotten 8.5 points or closer to only twice this season. Rodgers and the offense have to be on their A-game if they're going to take down the Rams or at least cover. 

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