Cover Photo: Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

LSU walked away with a win on Saturday and hundreds of fans walked away with the incredible memory of storming the field -- a memory that will now cost the school thousands of dollars.

Thanks to the SEC conference rules about storming the field, the Tigers are going to have to pay a lot of money.

LSU is being fined $100,000 for the actions of its fans. 

That's an absurd amount of money.

The problem is that LSU fans have done this in the past, most previously after their 2014 victory over Ole Miss. They were fined $5,000 then and are really getting hit with the hammer now.

The Tigers definitely weren't mad about it in the moment, but this is an expensive price tag for a celebration. 

The SEC has this rule for the safety of the fans, because they believe storming the field can lead to people getting hurt. That's something LSU is going to remember before a second strike gets the penalty bumped up to $250,000.

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