Cover Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

We all knew these guys would be the QBs of the future when they were drafted in the first round of this year's NFL draft. We just didn't expect that future to be Week 4. 

Now that Baker Mayfield, Josh Allen, and Josh Rosen have the keys to the kingdom and are already bringing home impressive wins, it's time to figure out whether or not they can have the same impact on your fantasy roster. 

Mayfield is going to be a hot commodity on the waiver wire this week, and for good reason. While he didn't throw for any touchdowns during his debut, you can expect Cleveland to air it out just like they did when Tyrod Taylor was QB. If Taylor was averaging 35 pass attempts per game, you can only imagine Mayfield will do the same.

This alone makes him a viable option as he'll have the chance to shine. You don't want a game manager on your roster and Mayfield will have all the opportunities to get points up. Speaking of points, Josh Allen had one of the better fantasy days that you weren't expecting.  

Allen is a bit more difficult to rely on here. Firstly, you can't bank on him having two rushing touchdowns. He is mobile, but he's not Cam Newton. Secondly, Buffalo doesn't have a ton of options to throw to. Having said that, he did this against arguably the best defense in football. 

​​Rosen is in a similar spot to Allen. He's on a team that hasn't looked good the first two weeks, but he does have David Johnson on his team. Get Johnson the ball enough and any QB can look better than they are. 

Of the three rookies, Mayfield has the higher potential at this point, as you could've assumed. However, with all rookies, it's a week-by-week situation, and that's how you should take this one too. 

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