The Golden State Warriors may be champs, but not everyone from last year's team is still winning. 

Nick Young is one of the more entertaining players in the NBA. From his personality to the green light that is always on in his head, he's a must-watch player. The only problem is, sometimes his extra personality gets him into trouble.

The guard was arrested in Los Angeles on Friday for delaying an investigation during a traffic stop. 

While the details behind the situation have not been released, it seems like Young's mouth got in the way this time.

The LAPD claims that Young failed to cooperate with police officers and became irritated during the traffic stop. He caused a delay in what was deemed an investigation and was later arrested. He's being charged with a misdemeanor and is due in court in September.

Young is currently unsigned, and this certainly won't help his case. It was already hard for him to find a job, and that was before more nonsense was added to the already heavy baggage he typically carries around. 

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