The San Francisco 49ers are expected to take a big leap this season on offense thanks to Jimmy Garoppolo sitting as the full-time starter, but it's the addition to the defense that many have been interested in. 

Richard Sherman has been one of the best lock-down cornerbacks in the game and is now taking his talents to San Fran with the 49ers. We've yet to see what this team can look like with the former LOB member shutting down one side, but we will finally get a glimpse this weekend.

Sherman will play on Saturday against the Colts. 

​​Sherman will finally get the chance to show whether he's truly going downhill or if the 49ers have added an All-Pro caliber defender. 

San Francisco hopes to have a much better defense fantasy-wise. They are expecting big seasons from Ruben Foster and Solomon Thomas in their second year, but it's Sherman who's expected to not only force turnovers but to pick this team up from the bottom tier. The 49ers finished 22nd in passing yards allowed and 25th in points allowed last year. 

We've yet to see the Sherman of old come out in the limited viewings we've had, but rest assured, the veteran has a perfect answer why. 

​​This could just be an excuse considering he's been torched many times during practice or it could be the truth. Either way, Sherman's performance on Saturday will be a huge indication of how he can push this defense forward.

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