The New York Yankees have had possibly the strangest season ever for a team that will probably win 100 games. 

They have the second best record in the entire MLB and are a good seven games safe of dropping out of the Wild Card. Yet their hated rivals, the Boston Red Sox, are still 8.0 games ahead of them in the standings. 

The Yankees have won four in a row and have played better as of late, but I'm sure no one forgets about the four-game sweep they suffered at the hands of the Red Sox just weeks ago. As luck would have it, one former Red Sox legend has some thoughts on the current state of the Yankees. 

Again isn't it bizarre that this seems somewhat right for the team with the second best record in the MLB? The Yankees have already had documented effort problems earlier this season with Gary Sanchez and looked awful against the Red Sox.

Martinez took this shot at the Yankees after tweeting this more general comment about team effort and energy.

So given how the season has gone as a whole, this comment from Martinez, while I'm sure Yankees fans don't agree with Martinez himself, isn't completely unwarranted. This would have been particularly on point following the aforementioned four-game sweep. 

The Yankees are 12-4 since the sweep, but they were embroiled in a 1-1 extra-innings game with the Miami Marlins when Martinez tweeted this. Either way the Yankees are on pace to become the first team since the Oakland Athletics in 2001 to win over 100 games and finish in second in their division. 

Whatever the case, the Yankees need to continue their winning ways and hope the energy follows.