Two running backs in the latest Top-3 pre-season Heisman odds should only translate one thing: There's a quarterback out there someone's missing. 

And there's a 15/1 chance that player is hiding in plain sight in Morgantown, West Virginia. 

Stanford running back Bryce Love (+700) and Wisconsin RB Jonathon Taylor (+850) have dominated early hype and discussions, but the Heisman Trophy is also called a 'quarterbacks' award for a reason.

That's because 10 of the last 12 Heisman winners played the position. 

So, for a quarterback with early murmurs as the future 2019 NFL Draft No. 1 overall pick, West Virginia's Will Grier is an intriguing (+1500) risk if you're looking for a Crazy, Odd Winner. 

Grier's 2017-18 hit a speed bump in November after he had to undergo finger surgery, but he's healthy and loaded for 2018. Before suffering his finger injury, Grier had gone for 3,440 yards and 34 touchdowns on better than 64 percent passing accuracy.

As for the top odds for the quarterback position in Alabama's Tua Tagovailoa (+750), let's be realistic. Tua's not only fighting Jalen Hurts for the starting job down in Tuscaloosa, but Alabama also doesn't exactly have a great track record of producing Heisman QBs either. 

Ohio State's dual-threat QB Dwayne Haskins (+1100) is next in line, but with the Urban Meyer situation verdict racing toward a suspension waiting to happen, 11/1 may look more like 22/1 any day now. 

Looking past Tagovailoa and Haskins leaves a four-way log jam of quarterbacks at the (+1500) starting line, and Grier could easily start climbing from there. West Virginia has the offense to put up the numbers, and Grier has the hype to take home the trophy.