VIDEO: Remembering When Aaron Rodgers Hit Richard Rodgers For an Epic Game-Winning Hail Mary

Zach Brunner
Remembering when Aaron Rodgers hit Richard Rodgers for the Hail Mary.
Remembering when Aaron Rodgers hit Richard Rodgers for the Hail Mary. / NFL/YouTube

When a Hail Mary is successful, it is one of the craziest, most beautiful things in sports. While it's rare, it does occasionally happen. One of the most famous Hail Mary completions in recent NFL history was when Aaron Rodgers pulled one off to beat the Detroit Lions.

Successfully executing a Hail Mary is tough enough, but Rodgers was also running for his life in the backfield and still was able to deliver this incredible throw for the 61-yard touchdown. To add insult to injury, the touchdown pass occurred on one final untimed down, after the Lions were charged with a facemask penalty during the previous play.

Rodgers was able to evade the defender in the backfield and roll out to his right, approaching the line of scrimmage. He launched that ball nearly 70 yards into a pack of people in the end zone.

Locating the ball in the air, tight end Richard Rogers backed up and made sure to catch the ball at his peak as if he were a post player grabbing a rebound. The rest of the team dogpiled on him, while the rest of the audience watched in awe.

This play will live on forever as "The Miracle in Motown."

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