VIDEO: Remembering When A.J. Burnett Smashed a Truck Window During Warmups

Zach Brunner
Remembering when A.J. Burnett smashed a truck window during warmups.
Remembering when A.J. Burnett smashed a truck window during warmups. / MLB/YouTube

At his peak, A.J. Burnett was one of the most electric pitchers in the MLB. But he didn't maintain that peak for as long as he could've, because he was also pretty erratic, often struggling with control issues. And that problem reared its head in hilarious fashion in this classic clip from 2001.

During some warmup throws, a truck started passing behind home plate, with Billy the Marlin in it. When Burnett went to throw, it looks like he may have held onto the ball a little too long, since it was a bullseye to the truck's window, instantly shattering it. The throw was also dangerously close to the mascot.

While this is obviously a rare, hilarious incident, Burnett was known for throwing errant pitches. During the same 2001 season, he totaled 7 wild pitches in 27 games. In the next season, he led the league with 14 wild pitches in 31 games.

With an extended offseason due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there could be a little extra rust to shake off with less time to do it in this shortened MLB season. It's certainly possible we could see more windows broken this season.

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