VIDEO: Joey Votto Has Hilarious Offer for Kawhi Leonard to Entice Him to Re-Sign With Raptors


Cover Photo: Twitter/@Reds

There are some offers you just can't turn down. Cincinnati Reds' first baseman, and Toronto native, Joey Votto is hoping what he's willing to give Kawhi Leonard is enough to keep him with the Toronto Raptors next season.

That's right, Votto offered Leonard an "unused Presto pass." That's the equivalent of a public transit pass here in the states. You'd think Votto, a Raptors fan since the team's first game some 25 years ago, would at least offer the NBA Finals MVP season tickets to the Toronto Blue Jays, or a lifetime supply of poutine.

Votto gave shoutouts to a good portion of the new NBA champs leading up to his offer to Kawhi, and gave some extra love to Kyle Lowry, calling him "the greatest Raptor of all time." Now those are some big words for a team that featured Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady for so many years.

With NBA free agency not kicking off for a few weeks, we'll just have to wait and see if an unused transit pass is enough incentive to keep Kawhi north of the border next season.

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