The Pat McAfee Show: Is Tom Brady Ageless?

By David Hayes
Is Tom Brady Ageless? - The Pat McAfee Show
Is Tom Brady Ageless? - The Pat McAfee Show /

On today’s episode of The Pat McAfee Show, pro bowler and former NFL punter of the Indianapolis Colts, Pat McAfee, breaks down some of the biggest storylines from around the league. The playoffs are almost over, with the conference championship games this weekend. The four teams left are: the Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs the Green Bay Packers and the Buffalo Bills vs the Kansas City Chiefs. Pat talks about Tom Brady and shows an interesting chart. The chart shows statistics of quarterbacks after turning 37 years old. Pat believes and the stats show that Tom Brady is playing incredible football for his age. Not only for his age, he is still competing and winning as if he was in his twenties.

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