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Pro Bowl Rule Change Shows NFL Testing Potential New Overtime Rules

Devon Platana
A new Pro Bowl rule change shows that the NFL could be testing some new potential overtime rules.
A new Pro Bowl rule change shows that the NFL could be testing some new potential overtime rules. / Kevin Mazur/GettyImages

It's not a secret that a lot of people aren't fans of the NFL's overtime rules. After all, a team can end the overtime period with a touchdown, leaving the opposing offense without a shot to try for the end zone.

It's now looking like some new rules could be on the horizon. The NFL will be testing out a new "spot and choose" rule at this Sunday's Pro Bowl, which could then be implemented to overtime periods going forward if it's a success.

NFL Pro Bowl Rule Change

There won't be any kickoffs at this year's Pro Bowl. Instead, the winner of the pre-game coin toss will pick if they want the "spot" or "choose options.

If a team goes with the former, they can choose anywhere on the field to place the ball and which directions the play will go in. The squad that gets to "choose" will then make the decision if they want to start on offense or defense from the chosen field position. The team that loses the coin toss then gets to make the "spot and choose" decision of the second half.

There's a lot more strategizing that goes into this rule compared to the NFL's current overtime rulebook. Whoever wins the coin toss has to be confident that either they can score from any spot their opponent chooses or that the opposition won't score from a given spot.

Nevertheless, it'll be interesting to see if the league implements the "pick and choose" rule into meaningful games. Fans have been clamoring for change for quite some time and this would be one way to deliver on that request.

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