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NL West Predictions, Odds and Expert Picks for the 2021 MLB Season on FanDuel Sportsbook

NL West predictions, expert picks, projections and odds for the 2021 MLB season.
NL West predictions, expert picks, projections and odds for the 2021 MLB season. / Harry How/Getty Images

Spring Training is underway and the 2021 MLB season is rapidly approaching. There's been no shortage of drama this offseason, and baseball fans can breathe a sigh of relief now that we have games to focus on, and the on-field product is once again the center of attention.

The 2021 World Series race is wide open, but some early favorites stand out in the field, according to MLB odds from FanDuel Sportsbook: the Los Angeles Dodgers (+400), New York Yankees (+550) and Atlanta Braves (+900). Before they worry about the World Series, though, teams need to focus on the regular season and take care of their division.

With that in mind, here is how industry experts see the National League West shaping up in 2021.

Picks to Win the National League West

Predictions from USA Today come from their panel of six experts, PECOTA projections come from Baseball Prospectus, and Clay Davenport (who co-founded Baseball Prospectus) projections come from his personal websiteFanDuel Sportsbook win totals and odds to win the division are as of March 15, 2021.

USA Today: Los Angeles Dodgers
PECOTA: Dodgers
Clay Davenport: Dodgers
FanDuel Sportsbook Favorite: Dodgers (-300)

It's a clean sweep for the defending World Series champion Dodgers, as the experts are riding with this re-tooled roster to take the NL West.

Los Angeles Dodgers Predictions 2021

USA Today: 105-57
PECOTA: 103-59
Clay Davenport: 100-62
FanDuel Sportsbook Win Total: 103.5
Odds to Win the NL East: -300

There's sharp drop-off in the odds after the heavily favored Dodgers. PECOTA gives Los Angeles a 78% chance to win the division, and the experts easily see this team hitting 100-plus wins.

San Diego Padres Predictions 2021

USA Today: 95-67
PECOTA: 96-56
Clay Davenport: 100-61
FanDuel Sportsbook Win Total: 94.5
Odds to Win the NL East: +200

The San Diego Padres are a legit threat in the National League, but have to go through the Dodgers for the division. Clay Davenport is particularly high on the Padres' chances.

San Francisco Giants Predictions 2021

USA Today: 76-86
PECOTA: 75-87
Clay Davenport: 74-88
FanDuel Sportsbook Win Total: 75
Odds to Win the NL East: +5000

The Giants will struggle to make it to 80 wins, according to the projections. San Francisco hopes some of its potential breakout players can push them over the top in 2021.

Arizona Diamondbacks Predictions 2021

USA Today: 77-85
PECOTA: 79-83
Clay Davenport: 79-83
FanDuel Sportsbook Win Total: 74.5
Odds to Win the NL East: +7500

Experts see the Arizona Diamondbacks between 77 and 79 games this season. Arizona's lineup does have some upside and potential to take them up the division standings.

Colorado Rockies Predictions 2021

USA Today: 66-96
PECOTA: 60-102
Clay Davenport: 67-95
FanDuel Sportsbook Win Total: 63.5
Odds to Win the NL East: +9000

The unanimous pick for the bottom spot in the NL West in 2021 is the Rockies. They could be headed for a 100-loss season after the Nolan Arenado trade.

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