Genius Move by Mike Vrabel Was Crucial for Titans Win

A genius move by Mike Vrabel was crucial for a Titans win.
A genius move by Mike Vrabel was crucial for a Titans win. / Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

While the failures of coaches that branch from the Bill Belichick coaching tree is well documented, Mike Vrabel is reversing the trend with the Tennessee Titans.

He continues to make brilliant coaching moves, including yet another genius game management decision in the Week 6 game against the Houston Texans.

With a one-point game in the fourth quarter, Vrabel knew every second in the game would matter. In the play above, it seemed obvious that Houston would pick up the first down, which would continue to drain the clock. Instead, Vrabel forced an intentional 12-men penalty, which stopped the clock.

In the end, this move saved 40 seconds while also preserving a timeout. Clearly, this was the difference in the game, since the Titans scored the game-tying touchdown with only four seconds left.

Tennessee would go on to win the game in overtime. It was a classic divisional battle, and the result came down to coaching. With the Titans continuing to win games, it's clear that Vrabel has developed into one of the best head coaches in the NFL, proving he is more than a defensive mind.

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