Eagles Dealing With Significant OL Issues Heading Into Week 2

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Key pieces of the Eagles offensive line hampered by injury
Key pieces of the Eagles offensive line hampered by injury /

It’s only Week 2 but the Philadelphia Eagles already have their backs to the wall. They fell victim to the biggest upset of Week 1 against the Washington Football Team, and injuries had a lot to do with it. Their health picture has not improved.

Going into the opening Sunday, we called out that the Eagles would be hampered at 3 out 5 spots of the offensive line. In a pandemic shortened offseason/preseason, it is hard for any line to gel and any losses to injury are accentuated. Coach Ron Rivera's team took advantage with eight sacks and multiple turnovers to convert the victory.

Although RT Lane Johnson is rumored to be back this week after ankle surgery a couple of weeks ago, one cannot count on that. After all, the Eagles never even revealed the ankle surgery for weeks, plus they positioned that Miles Sanders would play last week and he didn't even travel. Even if Johnson plays, he may not be fully effective and the line as a whole has had little chance to play as a unit. Against a Rams unit that features Aaron Donald and Michael Brockers, a healthy and dominant Rams defensive line should cause problems for Wentz and Co.

Sanders could play this week but it seems a stretch he’ll be 100% after being so far from suiting up that he didn’t travel with the team. Limited practice video tweeted by beat reporters show him not to be at full speed yet.

The injuries have now spread further to the defensive line with top offseason acquisition Javon Hargrave and Derek Barnett already missing Week 1. Now, Brandon Graham is dealing with a concussion while Vinny Curry has been placed on IR with a significant hamstring issue. 

Overall the Rams overall health grade of A- is one of the bigger differentials of the week versus the Eagles overall health grade of C+.

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