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You can trade anyone for anything in fantasy football. If you think your team gets better, you make the deal. If you’re selling to get a keeper, you make the deal. If you need that one last piece for a playoff run, you make the deal.

Whether you're buying low or selling high, if you see the value in the deal, you make the trade. With many league's trade deadline today at 12 noon EST, there's no better time than now to make a last-minute deal.

In one of my leagues, I'm a seller. Despite being in the top half of the league in points, my team sits at 3-7 through 10 weeks. The only way I make the playoffs is by winning out and getting some help which meant I needed to sell my high-priced talent that I purchase during our auction draft all the way back in August.

Saquon Trade

So while it hurt to trade my favorite real-life player (Saquon Barkley) on my favorite real-life team (New York Giants), I swapped Barkley, Keenan Allen and O.J. Howard. In return I got Christian McCaffrey, David Njoku and Anthony Miller. On paper, it might seem like I "lost" this deal, but taking a deeper dive, I did it for future value.

This is a 12-team auction league where you can keep players at $4 more than their previous purchase price. Barkley was a $59 player while McCaffrey costs just $30. Howard and Njoku are essentially a push, but I had to also give up Allen, who wasn't a keeper option for Miller, who might be at his $1 cost.

Every trade add should add value to both teams. If both owners want to make a deal, they should be able to. In reality, everyone values every asset differently so there's no right or wrong at the trade deadline. Make a deal that you think makes you better, either now or in the future.

Again, trades simply come down to value. Whether it's in the here and now, or to make your team better next season. The name of the game in any trade is simple -- value.

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