Cover Photo: Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The American Gaming Association released the results of two Nielsen studies on Thursday, showing just how much U.S. professional sports leagues would benefit from legal sports betting.

These studies said that specifically Major League Baseball would see a revenue bump of $1.106 billion, and the NBA would get a possible $585 million in additional revenue. 

Combined with research from previous studies on the NFL and NHL, all four professional leagues could expect a combined revenue boost of $4.23 billion.

Some of the professional sports leagues have been lobbying for some sort of a royalty, but it seems that the increased revenue would likely come from increased fan engagement and gaming-related revenue

Results of previous studies showed that the NFL would benefit the most, an overall potential increase in revenue of $2.33 billion, and the NHL with the smallest increase of $216 million.

That's a whole lot of money just for letting fans place bets on games. 

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