Cover Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Kyrie Irving wanted out of Cleveland, and he got his wish. He made it extremely clear he wanted nothing to do with the franchise or the city and even proved it by leaving some money behind. 

Irving was selling his house in Cleveland, and instead of holding on to it, sold it for a major loss on what he wanted for it.

Irving originally posted his former home for $1.7 million but just sold it for $755,000. 

He's not exactly picking up his couch and shaking it hoping coins come out, but any time you lose nearly $1 million in potential profit, you can't be thrilled. Even if it does mean you can leave Cleveland in your rearview mirror. 

This wasn't just about him leaving Cleveland, it was about no one wanting to touch his house. The asking price first dropped from $1.7 million to $1.17 million, and then just eventually dumped it off for the final selling point. The worst part is, this is actually a net loss for Irving after he originally bought it for $800,000. 

You had to figure he was tired of this hanging over his head. He was ready to move on, and he's finally has done so. 

He better hope he re-signs in Boston because he doesn't need another real estate loss if he packs up and heads elsewhere. 

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