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3 Things Fantasy Football Newbies Need to Know

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Everyone has been the new guy or girl in their fantasy league at one point or another. 

Some people join a league to learn more about the NFL, while others do it to stay in touch with old friends or new colleagues. There are a million reasons to join a fantasy football league, and if you're joining one for the first time this season, you might as well do your best to actually win. 

With that in mind, here are three things you need to know in order to compete for your first fantasy football title.

3. Know The League Rules

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This one seems simple, but even a veteran fantasy football team owner can lose out by not knowing the league rules. The scoring system in standard leagues is different from PPR leagues, and your lineup is extremely different for a one-quarterback league versus a two-quarterback superflex. Just make sure, no matter who you are, that you check your league settings before the games kick off this weekend.

2. Set Your Lineup

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I got a text message from a first-time fantasy football owner asking, "The games start tonight?What do I click?" If this sounds like something you might do, there are a few things to remember. Only your starters' stats count; players on your bench don't accrue points. Also, keep an eye out for bye weeks once they start in Week 4. There are tons of great tools to set your optimal lineup every week, but as long as you have your starting lineup set, you'll stay competitive. And, if you have a start/sit question, don't hesitate to hit us up on Twitter @TheDuelSports. 

1. Keep an Eye On the Waiver Wire

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This one has the biggest learning curve for a new fantasy football owner. Paying attention to which players had a big game during each week, and which of those players are both available and worth adding to your roster is an inexact science. 

For this one, keep an eye on the roster trends under the "Players" tab in your league. If you see a player with an usually large numbers of adds, it might be smart for you to do the same. And make sure you know which player or players on your roster are droppable and which ones you can't or shouldn't axe. When you aren't sure, ask around as everyone and their mother is usually ready and available to give out some fantasy advice. 

If you follow these simple guidelines, you'll be well on your way to taking home a fantasy football championship in your inaugural season.

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