With questions swirling about Deshaun Watson's potential sophomore-season success following an amazing start to his rookie season, which was halted by a torn ACL, the former Clemson standout's 14/1 odds to win the NFL MVP don't actually seem that far-fetched in 2018-19.

He was an MVP candidate for a moment last year and is apparently back to being the same player he was before the injury. That's great news for the Texans, and reason to buy into his chances. 

Watson was off to one of the greatest rookie quarterback tears the NFL has ever seen through his first six starts before an ACL tear brought the legendary run to an abrupt ending. The former Heisman-winning quarterback averaged 2.67 touchdowns and more than 266 yards per game over his six starts, not to mention putting up 402 yards and four TDs in an epic performance against the Seattle Seahawks. 

For those worried about Watson's smaller sample size, it would be wise not to forget Watson's track record against the closest thing to the NFL in college: University of Alabama defenses.

The Texans offense is loaded with talent, including one of the best wide receivers in the game, DeAndre Hopkins. A backfield of Lamar Miller and D'Onta Foreman should take some pressure off Watson, but at the end of the day, Watson is the guy making the big plays, and we all know how much MVP voters love crazy highlights.  

Watson's biggest hurdle will most likely prove returning to full health and then maintaining it throughout the entire 16-game regular season. But after what he did last year, and the fact that he's looking fully healthy, there's no reason to doubt the young star.