VIDEO: Remembering When Lamar Jackson Effortlessly Threw Bombs in High School Practice

Remembering when Lamar Jackson was effortlessly threw bombs in high school.
Remembering when Lamar Jackson was effortlessly threw bombs in high school. / John Santagata/YouTube

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson put on one of the greatest quarterback performances of all-time last season. This resulted in him being awarded the league MVP award, and rightfully so. His progression from his rookie to sophomore year in the NFL was amazing to see, but that's not to say Jackson wasn't a terrific quarterback before that.

For example, he used to throw absolute bombs in his high school days, and he made it look as effortless as he still does now.

Jackson was able to let the ball rip what looks to be about 50 yards as a high schooler, making it look like a simple toss.

While he is most known for his rushing ability, Jackson completed 42 passes of 20-plus yards during his MVP season. Along with being one of the most dangerous ball carriers overall in the league, he also has one of the strongest arms, which is why he is such a freak athlete and why he was voted the best player in the league.

We know defensive coordinators across the league have spent all offseason attempting to figure out a way to slow down Jackson and this creative Ravens offense. As long as he shows off this arm strength and continues to improve as a passer, there's little defenses will be able to do.

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