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Red Riding Hood - FanDuel Casino Review

Olufifun Adeleke

The little Red Riding Hood slot is one of the numerous games sure to keep you at the edge of your gaming seat. The slot is themed after the famous story - Red Riding Hood wants to deliver food to her sick grandmother in the woods.

However, a big bad wolf wants to eat her and her grandmother. The bad wolf swallows her grandmother and disguises as granny, waiting to eat her. Fortunately, a woodcutter splits the wolf into two, and granny is rescued!

The video game, created by NetEnt in 2016, continues to delight many slot lovers, especially females quite fond of fairy tale stories and happy endings. The slot has 20 paylines, five reels, three rows, and an RTP of 96.33%. With the video background set in the woods, Red Riding Hood continues to attract fans of fairy tales and adventures to its alluring visuals and beautiful soundtracks with a good payout.

How to Play Red Riding Hood

Playing Red Riding Hood, just like other online casino games, requires you to have a bet first. A spin can go from as low as £0.20 to £200. The game has high and low-value symbols, with the highest paying you up to 400x of your initial bet. The high-value base game icons include the key, the rose, the book, the crown crest, and the fairytale legends logo, while the low-value game icons include numbers and the regular playing card numbers.

There is an autoplay button that spins the reels up to a thousand times automatically. There is also a free mode where you can practice before the actual game. As you play along, bonus modes come with your paid spins, randomly released for you to use throughout the game.

The slot includes the Fairy Magic Spin feature, where about 5-9 medium win symbols appear, which giving you a better chance of getting a winning spin. The Treasure Chest feature is the scatter icon. When it appears on reels 1, 3, and 5, all bonus modes are activated, this feature can help you win 15x your bet.

Red Riding Hood Visuals and Sounds

Red Riding Hood has gorgeous visuals. The alphabets' designs on the reels and the borders are a great piece of art, with the perfect touch of 3D wood animations, fairies and fireflies, and an amazing blend of colors initiating a forest terrain arrangement. The occasional presence of toadstools and transparent reels adds to the beautiful animation view of the woodlands.

One exciting part is the trumpets emerging from the sides of your screen when celebrating big wins. The sounds are so soothing that they would make one wonder if they are sleeping or gaming sounds. For those who love adventure with a good happy ending, the visuals and sounds of Red Riding Hood will surely give you that satisfaction and make you yearn for forest fresh air.

Special Features

Woodcutter Bonus

One special feature of the slot is the valuable woodcutter, who returned Red Riding Hood’s grandmother to her. This symbol can make you up to 175x of your total stake alone if the spins hit.

Find Grandma Bonus

A special feature of this game is the ‘Find Grandma Bonus’. To win this bonus, you’ll have to choose one of the two hidden images. If you choose grandma, you get a prize. But if you choose the wolf, the round ends with nothing for you. As usual, whatever amount you win from this depends on the initial bet amount.

Free Spins

You can win between 15 to 22 free spins when you hit Little Red Riding Hood images. If one bonus symbol hits the reels, you win two free spins. You get four free spins if two bonus symbols hit. You get ten extra free spins when four bonus symbols hit the reels.

Wolf Bonus

With Wolf Bonus, you must find the grandmother’s house and spin to win. This bonus has about 5 locations with accompanying multipliers. These multipliers all have the potential of giving you 20x your bet. Make sure you don't enter any of the numerous traps set by the Big Bad Wolf, so you don't lose your bonus challenge!


The Red Riding Hood slot is an amazing game with lots of nice bonuses. Because of the bonuses, players are likely to win more and gather their initial stake and win some pretty good profit. If you are a lover of fairy stories with some spice of adventure, then this is the game for you!

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