Aaron Rodgers Says He Wants to Be New Kind of Dual-Threat Quarterback

Aaron Rodgers could be an on- and off-field star.
Aaron Rodgers could be an on- and off-field star. / Dylan Buell/Getty Images

After spending 16 seasons in the NFL, there's no question that Aaron Rodgers can pretty much do anything that he sets his mind to. Not only does that include his accomplishments on the field, but off of it as well.

Rodgers proved that statement as he began to host "Jeopardy!" this week. The classic game show lost its beloved host Alex Trebek last year and is in search of a new full-time host. While nobody can totally replace Trebek, Rodgers did a respectable job hosting the show and came off as a natural. He'll continue hosting for the next two weeks.

Rodgers is enjoying the "Jeopardy!" gig so much that he may want to do it full-time while still playing.

Rodgers is 37 years old and probably still has a few seasons left in the NFL. He's reportedly "intrigued by Barry Sanders' early retirement," but the Green Bay Packers quarterback said that he wants to continue playing football too.

If anyone could host a game show full-time while playing football, it's probably Rodgers. Filming may be difficult considering the quarterback spends half of the year playing in the NFL. But Rodgers said that "Jeopardy!" needs only 46 days to accomplish its filming for the year. That gives the quarterback ample time to balance both his full-time job and his new side hustle.

Whether or not Rodgers ends up being the main host of "Jeopardy!" remains to be seen. Either way, fans should continue enjoying his hosting performances for the next two weeks if they're anything like his first.

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