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Build your Roster

Put together a winning lineup using the 9 positions below. Just make sure you stay under the $60K salary cap.

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X's and O's

These 5 simple strategies will help you start winning today

Pick a QB and a WR from the same team

Lineups in 2015 that had a QB-WR stack won twice as much as those that didn’t.

Aim for big targets

Wide receivers with lots of targets tend to score more fantasy points. Look for value in players who might be less flashy but get a lot of balls thrown their way.

Spot the bad passing defenses

Looking for a value QB? Then search for solid quarterbacks who are matched up against bad passing defenses. It’s a huge predictor of QB success.

Pick Kickers and Defenses on teams favored to win

When a team is favored to win, its defense and kicker tend to perform much better than average.

Bring on the Backups

Use our injury reports to stay up to date on injury news. When you see a star player go down, be sure to check out his backup for some sleeper upside value. Take a look at these huge performances from 2nd stringers last year:

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The Practice Field

Want to get some reps? These low-entry contest are a great way to start honing your skills.

NFL Squib
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NFL 50/50
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NFL Safety
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NFL Beginner Du
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Tips from a Fantasy Champion

“The best advice I can give players is to manage their money wisely. When making my selections to play each week, I never invest more than 25% of the money in my account on a given day. Not every lineup will be a winner, so it's smart to have some funds left aside so you can play again another day. For example, if you have $40 in your account, don’t spend more than $10 on a given day.

Also, try to diversify your contest types. Don’t play only big tournaments. Each week, I try and play a bunch of Head to Heads, some 50/50s and Double Ups, as well as a few tournaments. So if you were spending a total of $10 on a given day, don’t put it all into a single $10 contest. Instead, consider entering five $2 contests. It also helps if you put multiple different lineups into play each week. Like my mother always taught me, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

Roman Edmond - 2015 World Fantasy Football Champion