NBA Draft Odds: Who Will Be the No. 2 Pick?

Riley Thomas
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The NBA Draft has a new format this year as the event will be over two days instead of one. On Wednesday, June 26th, the first round will take place followed by the second round on June 27th.

The 2023 draft didn't have much drama at the top as Victor Wembanyama was a lock for the top pick for virtually the entire process. This year's class has been deemed "weaker" than usual, creating some uncertainty at the top.

With draft night quickly approaching, FanDuel Sportsbook's NBA Draft odds suggest there could be some tight races toward the top of the draft. This includes the No. 2 pick, which has several players in the mix.

Let's dig into the odds for the No. 2 pick for the 2024 NBA Draft. Which players could hear their name called second on June 26th?

Number 2 Overall Pick
FanDuel Sportsbook Odds
Alexandre Sarr-115
Zaccharie Risacher+110
Donovan Clingan+1200
Reed Sheppard+1900
Matas Buzelis+6000
Rob Dillingham+6000
Stephon Castle+6000
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Alexandre Sarr (-125)

For a couple of months leading up to the draft, Alexandre Sarr -- the 7-foot-1 French forward -- has been linked to the No. 1 overall selection. However, Zaccharie Risacher has earned some traction this week, becoming the favorite to the be the first selection of the 2024 NBA Draft (-135).

Sarr is now the leader to be the second pick off of the board (-125). One thing's for certain: we should expect another French prospect to be the first player selected in the NBA Draft, similar to 2023's class.

Several mock drafts provide further support for Sarr to be the second overall selection. The Ringer has Sarr going second to the Washington Wizards. USA Today is another notable outlet mocking Sarr to the Wiz.

What has caused Sarr to fall into the second slot? Bleacher Report's scouting report made comparisons to Jaren Jackson Jr., highlighting Sarr's ability to defend and become a quality stretch big. However, there are some questions surrounding his scoring. Ahead of his rookie season, Sarr needs more consistency from his jumper and lacks the ability to create his own shot.

Zaccharie Risacher (+110)

As previously mentioned, Risacher has surpassed Sarr as the favorite to be the top pick. This isn't a done deal, though. Sarr was the projected top selection for a long stretch, and several mocks are staying firm on this pick. For example, is still on Sarr going first and Risacher falling to the second pick.

Similar to Sarr, Risacher is another French prospect coveted for his defense. The 6-foot-9 forward has promising 3-and-D potential thanks to his athleticism, three-point shooting, and defensive versatility.

Risacher fits the mold for the coveted 3-and-D role in today's game. However, will this be enough to warrant the top pick? If the Hawks opt for Sarr, Risacher will likely be the second player selected.

The best bet for the second selection is between Sarr and Risacher. This will likely be about who you think will be Atlanta's move with the first pick.

Ultimately, I love the value of Risacher going second at +110. We often see smoke screens leading up to draft night, and this could be another case of that.

The Hawks have solid wings in Bogdan Bogdanovic, De'Andre Hunter, and Jalen Johnson. Bogdanovic and Hunter are under contract for at least two more seasons. Sarr would be a good fit, finally giving Atlanta a capable stretch center. Clint Capela is entering the final year of his contract, and Onyeka Okongwu has yet to become a consistent scoring threat.

If the Hawks opt to not move Trae Young in the offseason, Sarr has excellent potential in two-man games with Young as the distributor. Young would have a true pick and pop threat at center.

Sarr going No. 1 still looks likely, making Risacher a great value for the second selection.

Donovan Clingan (+1200)

Rounding out the competitors for the No. 2 pick is a couple of long shots. Donovan Clingan of UConn has seen his stock spike since leading the Huskies to another national championship.

If there's any player worth a low stakes bet with the second pick, it's Clingan. This class has received consistent criticism because most prospects feel like a big risk. Clingan could be one of the only "safe" prospects in 2024.

During his collegiate career, Clingan was an elite defender and rebounder. He's a traditional big who can get you easy buckets around the rim thanks to his lengthy 7-foot-2 frame. However, he lacks versatility with a weak handle and will not step outside to shoot threes.

Still, Clingan's strengths around the rim feel like a safe bet in the NBA. This is something that the Wizards sorely need with the No. 2 pick. Marvin Bagley III is not a quality starter, making center a clear need.

Washington's roster needs a ton of work, but their wing spots with Deni Avdija and Kyle Kuzma have some hope. If Sarr is off of the board, the Wizards could pass on Risacher, opting for Clingan's potential as a traditional center.

Reed Sheppard (+2200)

Reed Sheppard hailing from Kentucky has the shortest line to be the No. 3 pick (+135), but he comes in at +2200 for the second selection. Why are Sheppard's odds so drastically different?

The former Wildcat is being linked to the third pick due to the fit with the Houston Rockets. Houston could use a playmaking point guard going forward, and Fred VanVleet could be the ideal piece to help Sheppard develop his game.

The second pick is a different story, though. The Wizards are in a spot where Sarr or Risacher will be available. It'd be difficult to pass on either prospect for Sheppard, especially when Washington has a long list of needs. If the Wiz have any strength, it's their wings.

Sheppard's path to being the second pick would likely require Sarr to go first. Washington would have to pass on Risacher -- the wing prospect -- and opt for Sheppard as a guard. He would fill some holes for the Wiz.

For example, Washington had weak point guard play from Tyus Jones in the 2023-24 season. The Wizards also shot 34.8% as a team from three (seventh-lowest), and Sheppard shot an absurd 52.1% from deep in college.

Still, Clingan's defense would fill a bigger need for Washington. The Wizards had the third-highest defensive rating in the Association last season. If you're shooting for high odds, Clingan is the better pick than Sheppard for the No. 2 selection.

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