NHL Draft Betting: Who Will the San Jose Sharks Take With the Fourth Pick?

Nicholas Vazquez
Nicholas Vazquez@nickvaz
NHL Draft Betting: Who Will the San Jose Sharks Take With the Fourth Pick?

With the Stanley Cup Finals over, the next big date on the NHL calendar is the NHL Draft. The first round of the draft will take place on June 28th at 7:00 PM Eastern Time on ESPN.

Betting on the draft has become big in other sports, and now, the NHL has its turn. NHL Draft betting odds are available on FanDuel Sportsbook.

The San Jose Sharks hold the fourth overall pick and are at an interesting stage of their rebuild, with some veteran players who are still playing well.

Let's look at the top contenders to be selected in this spot:

William Smith-150
Leo Carlsson+260
Matvei Michkov+320
David Reinbacher+460

William Smith, C, USA National Team Development Program

We've discussed the possibility of William Smith going anywhere between second and fifth in this draft. According to the odds, this is where he's most likely to land.

Smith has a ton of skills and had some big years in the development program. He ranks second all-time in points for the program behind only Jack Hughes. With the success the program has had producing players in the last handful of seasons, that's no mean feat.

The Sharks could definitely be looking at Smith -- especially if three centers go in the top three picks. They really have long-term needs at every position, so it would make sense for them to target the best player available.

If the picks above them go as expected, it wouldn't be a surprise to see Smith go here. That's how The Athletic sees it going in their latest mock draft. The -150 odds seem like a fair price -- perhaps even a bit underpriced if the mock drafts are to be trusted.

Leo Carlsson, C, Orebro (Swedish Hockey League)

Like Smith, there are different spots where Leo Carlsson could be drafted.

Carlsson seems likely to get picked two or three; his strong showing for Sweden in the World Championships has boosted his draft stock. An area where he has an edge over both Smith and Adam Fantilli is that he has proven himself against men. The other two haven't yet.

The fact that Carlsson held his own in a top European league might lend itself to the Columbus Blue Jackets picking him at number three. He is more NHL-ready, and Smith is likely to spend at least a season at Boston College.

There are some scenarios where Carlsson could fall to this spot, but it seems like a bit of a reach to assume so.

Matvei Michkov, W, St. Petersburg (Kontinental Hockey League)

Continuing to throw a wrench in every potential pick after number one, Matvei Michkov could tempt San Jose at this spot.

The Sharks are fairly far off from contending -- especially if they move Erik Karlsson this summer. That would be a point in favor of drafting Michkov since he likely won't be in the NHL until at least 2026. In theory, the team will be closer to being a factor in their division at that time if they are able to add some other young pieces.

The mouth-watering talent of Michkov may tempt a few teams to take him earlier than is currently expected. The Sharks fit the mold of a team that might take a chance on him.

It's hard to predict exactly how they will handle the draft as this will be the first under General Manager Mike Grier. He could be one to swing for the fences; getting hired only last year may give him more time with this rebuild.

Michkov at +320 makes plenty of sense -- even more so than Carlsson because he's more likely to be available in this spot.

David Reinbacher, D, Kloten (Swiss National League)

David Reinbacher seems somewhat unlikely to go in the top four of a draft this talented, but he is the highest-ranked defenseman in this class.

Reinbacher has played against men for two years in Switzerland. He ate a lot more minutes than normal for an under-18 player, so he's defensively reliable already. He doesn't have the offensive upside that we often see from the top defender in a draft, but he isn't totally lacking from that perspective.

If the Sharks select Reinbacher with this pick, it would mean passing on one of Smith, Carlsson, or Michkov. That's a bit of a tough sell, but if they are keen on selecting a defenseman, Reinbacher would be the pick.

The odds of +460 seem a bit short for him to go in this spot, as it would likely be a surprise around the league to see Reinbacher go ahead of one of the several elite center prospects.

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