Euro 2024 Betting: Will Cristiano Ronaldo Be Portugal's Top Scorer?

Nicholas Vazquez
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Euro 2024 Betting: Will Cristiano Ronaldo Be Portugal's Top Scorer?

The European Championship -- also known as Euro 2024 -- is right around the corner. These big international tournaments are always exciting, with multiple high-quality matches happening on the same day for the majority of the competition.

Another thing that makes these tournaments exciting is the different ways we can bet on them. From a team level to a player level, there are so many different options available to us via the Euro 2024 odds at FanDuel Sportsbook.

Today we'll take a look at Portugal, and specifically who will lead them in goals in this tournament. They are one of the most talented teams, and have some interesting players to consider in this market.

Here are the odds to lead Portugal in goals at Euro 2024.

Euro 2024 Odds

Cristiano Ronaldo-170
Bruno Fernandes+490
Diogo Jota+700
Goncalo Ramos+850

Cristiano Ronaldo (-170)

It may be 2024, but big things are still expected from a 39-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo headed into this tournament.

Ronaldo may not play in Europe anymore at the club level, but he is still very relevant for his country. During qualifying, he scored 10 goals, the second most of any player across the qualifying rounds.

Being the superstar that he is, Ronaldo will likely be handed penalty kicks and free kicks whenever he's on the pitch. This obviously gives him an advantage when it comes to scoring. His best skill at this point of his career may be his heading ability, and Portugal does have some players who can get him the ball in the air to score headers.

The concern with backing Ronaldo in this market is that what happened at the 2022 World Cup happens again this summer. In that tournament, Ronaldo was replaced, and Portugal looked like a better overall team. If they are struggling at any point or play a team where they might need pressing from their forwards, Ronaldo might come off the bench.

If that doesn't happen, though, it's easy to see Ronaldo having the most goals for Portugal, as is reflected in the odds.

Bruno Fernandes (+450)

Probably Portugal's second-most famous player is Bruno Fernandes. He may not be a striker, but that doesn't prevent him from scoring goals.

Fernandes has 22 goals in 65 career games for Portugal. That's right around his same rate for Manchester United -- 79 goals in 233 games.

The obvious difference in Bruno's goal-scoring outlook between his role at United and his role with Portugal is penalty kicks. It's very unlikely that he will take a spot kick if Ronaldo is on the field.

Betting on Fernandes is one of the ways to bet against Ronaldo having success in this tournament. Bruno will be more likely to score penalties and free kicks without Ronaldo, so if you believe that Ronaldo will get benched in the tournament, I don't mind backing Fernandes at these odds.

Diogo Jota (+700)

Diogo Jota is an interesting option to lead Portugal in goals. He scores goals in different ways than Ronaldo and Fernandes, which could mean a path towards him leading the team in goals.

While Fernandes and Ronaldo will likely score their goals with set pieces, that won't be the case for Jota. He is more likely to score goals from open play, specifically on the counter attack.

Jota has a good goal-scoring record for Liverpool. In 97 Premier League games for the club, he has 41 goals. This past season, Jota finished third in the EPL in goals per 90 minutes with 0.79.

He is certainly capable of finding the back of the net, and his 13 goals in 37 games for Portugal also reflects that.

We're getting a good number on Jota at +700, and this bet certainly has some merit.

Goncalo Ramos (+850)

When Ronaldo was benched at the 2022 World Cup, Goncalo Ramos was the man to take his spot. He not only took the spot -- he ran with it. Ramos scored a hat trick in the Round of 16 against Switzerland in that start.

At that point, it looked like we had seen the end of Ronaldo starting for Portugal. That wasn't the case, though. After that game, Portugal disappointingly went out in the next round, and then a managerial change allowed Ronaldo to be the main starter once again.

Betting on Ramos is another way to bet against Ronaldo. The case for betting against Ronaldo is not just his age -- he's also been playing in an inferior league in Saudi Arabia compared to most of his competition and teammates. It's not crazy to think that he could be replaced in the starting 11 if Portugal lose their first game in a tough match against Croatia.

It's a bit of a gamble to bet on a player not projected to be in the starting lineup, but Ramos definitely has the ability to lead the team in goals. He did that in the World Cup despite all of his goals coming in one game.

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