​Cover Photo: Getty Images

The Washington Redskins just ​traded for Case Keenum, making the veteran their new starting quarterback as we head into the 2019 season. But lo and behold, another QB on the Redskins' roster just got a massive amount of guaranteed money.

​​That's $18 million for Alex Smith, who will almost definitely miss the entire 2019 season. Smith still has a long way to go in his ​recovery from a broken leg, but the Redskins seem to be cautiously optimistic that the 34-year-old will make it back to the NFL.

Truth is, there really were no "good" options for Washington as Smith's contract. He got a $27-million signing bonus and this $16 million for 2019 were guaranteed. There's also another $16 million in salary for 2020 that is guaranteed for injury. But the Redskins do have a $12 million insurance policy in place, so the organization will be able to recoup a portion of this money.

The Redskins weren't the only team to shell out a bunch of guaranteed money to a player that likely won't account for many wins. The Tamps Buccaneers paid tight end Cameron Brate $7 million, the New York Giants gave Eli Manning $5 million and the Chicago Bears paid back-up QB Chase Daniel $2 million.

Almost a year to the day when Washington introduced Smith as their new starting quarterback, he's collecting millions upon millions of dollars to rehab a gruesome, potentially career-ending injury. What a difference a year makes.

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