Founded in 2009, FanDuel has redefined fantasy sports in pursuit of its mission of making sports more exciting. FanDuel offers a multitude of one-day, weekly and season-long game options for NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Golf, WNBA, and the EPL. Our one-day salary cap format gives you the flexibility to play on your own terms - when you want, for as much as you want - without having to commit to the entire season. Whether you play against your friends in a private league or in a public league, you can win cash, once-in-a-lifetime experiences or bragging rights, every night.




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  • What is FanDuel?

    FanDuel is the leader in the Daily Fantasy Sports industry, with the sole mission of making sports more exciting. Founded in 2009, FanDuel has redefined fantasy sports, allowing users to create new teams each day within the limits of a salary cap. We offer 1-day and 1-week game options for NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL with new public and private leagues forming daily, ranging in size from two to thousands of players.

  • What are the different types of contests available?

    1. Multiplier – Double your money, or play for more — up to 5 time your entry.
    2. Head to head – Play against single opponent of your choice, winner take all.
    3. League – Take on two or more other fans, multiple payout structures.
    4. 50/50 – Finish anywhere in the top half of the field to win cash.
    5. Tournament – The highest paying contests on FanDuel, guaranteed prize pools.
    6. Satellites & Qualifiers – Win a Satellite or Qualifier for entry into elite FanDuel tournaments.
  • How does FanDuel differ from other daily fantasy platforms?

    1. We're redefining sports entertainment.
    2. Our contests, events and continued innovations set the standard for the DFS industry.
  • I am working on an article and would like to feature comment from a FanDuel executive. How do I obtain a quote or an interview or with an appropriate person?

    1. For all press inquiries in the US and Canada, please email
    2. For all press inquiries outside the US, please email
  • I noticed FanDuel hosts numerous live events throughout the year. Can media come to these live events?

    We encourage media to attend our various live events throughout the year. For any questions on an upcoming event, please contact

  • Where can I find recent press releases or statements?

    For the latest news and announcements on FanDuel, please visit our Press page.

  • Who are FanDuel's investors?

    FanDuel has raised $363 million in funding from investors including KKR, Google Capital, Time Warner/Turner Sports, Shamrock Capital, NBC Sports Ventures, Comcast Ventures, Pentech Ventures, Piton Capital and Bullpen Capital.