What Do You Get When You Win the Masters? Jacket, Prize Money & More

What do you get when you win the Masters golf tournament?
What do you get when you win the Masters golf tournament? / ASSOCIATED PRESS

With the 2023 Masters Tournament about to begin, there's a lot on the line for the world's top golfers this week. Not only is there a ton of money at stake, but the winner of the Masters also earns special perks and rewards as well.

So what exactly does the winner get? Let's find out.

Masters Winner Prize Money

As with all major golf tournaments, the winner receives a pretty nice chunk of change. The total winner's pool for the 2023 Masters -- known as the purse -- is $15 million, which is the same amount as last year.

Of that $15 million, $2.7 million goes to the winner. That's over $1 million more than what the runner-up gets ($1.6 million), with the payout gradually decreasing based on where you finish. The 50th-place finisher gets $37,800, for instance, and players who miss the cut receive $36,900 or less depending on their scores.

As such, a handful of good or bad shots can be the difference between millions of dollars in a golfer's bank account.

Masters Winner Jacket

On top of getting all that dough, whoever finishes first at the Masters also wins a special, highly coveted jacket.

The champion receives a unique green jacket that is only given to Masters winners and members of Augusta National Golf Club, where the Masters takes place. It's a classic three-button, single-breasted jacket with the Augusta National Golf Club logo on the left chest pocket as well as on the brass buttons.

The owner's name is stitched on the inside label of the jacket, which takes roughly a month to produce with all the materials used. The estimated cost of making the jacket is believed to be around $250.

There are some rules surrounding the jacket, however. Golfers who win the Masters multiple times do not receive multiple jackets, making them even rarer and sought after. They're allowed to wear the jacket wherever they want for a year before returning it to the Clubhouse at Augusta, where it is permanently stored and can only be worn on club grounds. The winners do get a replica jacket to keep as well, at least.

Masters Winner Trophy

Along with the money and the jacket, the Masters winner also receives a special trophy along with a gold medal.

The gold medal has been given out at the Masters since the first tournament in 1934. The medallion says Augusta National Golf Club and depicts a view of the Founders Circle in front of the Clubhouse at Augusta. It is 3.4 inches in diameter and weighs 2.3 ounces.

The champion also receives a sterling replica of the Masters Trophy, which depicts the Clubhouse. The permanent one stays at the golf course and has the name of every winner and runner-up engraved on it. It was introduced in 1961 and was made of over 900 pieces of silver in England. The winners have received replica versions of this trophy since 1993 to keep in their trophy cases.

Masters Winner Perks

The money, trophy and green jacket are the main prizes, of course, but there are other perks for winning the Masters, too.

For starters, anyone who wins the Masters gets a five-year exemption to play in all four golf majors. That means he'll have a spot reserved to play in the Masters as well as The Open, US Open and PGA Championship, regardless of whether he's playing well enough to qualify.

Masters champions also get a lifetime exemption to the Masters specifically so they can enter the tournament for as long as they'd like.

Beyond that, champions automatically become honorary members of the Augusta National Golf Club, which means they get to play the course whenever they want and also get to wear their green jacket on the premises.

The Masters champion gets to set the dinner menu for the following year's Masters Champions Dinner (aka the Masters Club Dinner) as well, which takes place the Tuesday before the tournament every year.

Lastly, the winner receives 100 world ranking points and 600 PGA Tour FedEx Cup points, which can elevate him to more exclusive tournaments with higher purses. He also gets an invite to the following year’s Tournament of Champions, which is a no-cut event with a sizable purse.

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